Mehmet ÖZKAYMAK, Şahin BAŞ, Bahadır ACAR, Celil YAVUZ, Kurtuluş BORAN, Samet TABAK, H. İbrahim VARİYENLİ, Ömer ASAL
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As wiring up the many thermoelectric generators in serial, voltage can be increased and wiring up the parallel the current can be increased. In this work, experiment set has occured with thermoelectric generators. The generator surface which is need to keep warm is heated by waste gases produced in stove pipe and cooled water is passed through thecold surface to keep cool. Electricty production has occured because of the temperature differences.During operation the changing of voltage range is observed between 5,11V and 8,69V. When the flowrate is 0,083 lt/s, the maximum performance has observed with 8,69V and 1,45A. Varying the cooling water flowrate in experiment, changing of electricty production has observed and the results has shown graphical.

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Thermoelectric generators, waste heat, flue gas, electricity generation

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